Monday, March 1, 2010

My dog ate my car

I was at a car wash yesterday when i came across a nasty scratch on one of the customers' Accord.  There were deep scratches on both sides of the hood, about one A4 paper size each.

"You have a nasty scratch on your hood there sir." I started a chat with him.

"Yeah, my dog.  The side is even worse, bite marks." he said.

"Your dog! Wow! But yeah, they bite cars, I know. I have a friend, his car has deep scratches on the sides of his car, dog bite marks, between the front wheels and the side mirror" I said as I studied the scratch and bite marks just above the front wheels on his car. Quite amusing I must say; dogs do have a knack for car paint job.

"Lizard lah..." he said, responding to my amusement. "I parked it in the garage (car porch) and the there was this lizard, my dog saw it and gave a chase. It went under the car and into the engine bay. So, yeah..."

"Haha... so he had nothing against your car.  He just wanted the lizard" I exclaimed.
"Exactly. He's not against my car, just the lizard.

"Yeah, the only way to get to the lizard was to chew into the engine bay. Hmm, sheer frustration for him, I bet." I continued.

"Yeah.  I had to polish the car to soften down the marks." He said and that prompted me to have a feel of the polished surface. Only two weeks polished but the surface didn't feel like it, so I had to ask, "Did you polish just the hood or the entire car?"

"The entire car" he said.
"Really? Hmm, but the surface already has noticeable dirt deposit on it. Two weeks ago you said, yeah? Do you park out in the open?" I kept asking.

"Nah, I park in my garage."

"And the polish didn't really help with the dog scratch on the hood" I told him.

"A little bit, yes.  It looked a lot worse before polish" he explained.

"Those are deep scratch marks.  Your paint on the hood section must be a lot thinner now after the polish"

"Yeah, it was a three layer polish" he explained.

"I guess the best thing is to get a new paint job in another year or two.  There are a few more scratches to come by occasionally" I said.

"That's exactly my plan.  Wait for another year or two and then repaint the car.

I smiled and said "Wow, dogs and cars. Sometimes they bite."

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